What is the noun for reacher?

What's the noun for reacher? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. The act of stretching or extending; extension.
  2. The ability to reach or touch with the person, a limb, or something held or thrown.
  3. The power of stretching out or extending action, influence, or the like; power of attainment or management; extent of force or capacity.
  4. Extent; stretch; expanse; hence, application; influence; result; scope.
  5. (informal) An exaggeration; an extension beyond evidence or normal; a stretch.
  6. (boxing) The distance a boxer's arm can extend to land a blow.
  7. An extended portion of land or water; a stretch; a straight portion of a stream or river, as from one turn to another; a level stretch, as between locks in a canal; an arm of the sea extending up into the land.
  8. (nautical) Any point of sail in which the wind comes from the side of a vessel, excluding close-hauled.
  9. (obsolete) An article to obtain an advantage.
  10. The pole or rod connecting the rear axle with the forward bolster of a wagon.
  11. An effort to vomit; a retching.
  12. Synonyms:
  13. Examples:
    1. “The hotel is within the reach of both the countryside as well as the city center.”
      “No one is more vulnerable than a prisoner held beyond the reach of the law.”
      “He has an incredibly long reach that he uses to his advantage as an athlete.”
  1. A person who reaches.
  2. A device used to reach something.
  3. A sail, a kind of asymmetrical spinnaker.
  4. (obsolete) An exaggeration.
  5. Examples:
    1. “We know when trouble finds him, Reacher will do whatever it takes. Dispassionately and without remorse.”
      “Both feature his popular detective Jack Reacher, a much decorated former soldier in the US army turned undercover detective and general good guy.”
      “It is about the failed assassination of the president of France and an ex-military cop named Jack Reacher.”
  1. (uncountable) The condition of being reachable
  2. (mathematics) The extent to which a node in a graph is reachable from others
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “This opened up the opportunity to talk about enriched communications as a means of addressing issues of reachability.”
      “Usually, such markings and firings are graphically displayed in the reachability graph.”
      “This may be important for indicating reachability, either in person or over the phone.”
  1. The property of being reachless
  2. Examples:
    1. “Some are Negligently Profane, and absent themselves from the ordinances of Jesus Christ, and the solemn worship of God, upon mere sloth and reachlessness.”
  1. Obsolete spelling of reach
  1. plural of reacher
  2. Examples:
    1. “Pack devices you use regularly, such as raised toilet seats, long-handled reachers or heating pads.”
      “Each tack was only for 100 yards and now we had the right sail while they had reachers.”
      “But when she reachers her first assignment, she's led on a treasure hunt filled with clues and hiding places.”
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