What is the noun for presidents?

What's the noun for presidents? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. The head of state of a republic, a representative democracy and sometimes a dictatorship.
  2. Primary leader of a corporation. Not to be confused with CEO, which is a related but separate position that is sometimes held by a different person.
  3. A person presiding over a meeting, chair, presiding officer, presider.
  4. Obsolete form of precedent.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. chief, head, chairman, chairwoman, leader, director, MD, prolocutor, governor, chancellor, principal, rector, master, moderator, director, dean, CEO, chairperson, warden, chairman, chair, provost, speaker, presider, prexy, captain, figurehead, prex, premier, boss, commander, prez, prepositus, POTUS, vice chancellor, managing director, chief executive, prime minister, chief executive officer, commander in chief, person in charge, chief of state, head of state, elected head of a country
  1. The office or role of president.
  2. The bureaucratic organization and governmental initiatives devolving directly from the president.
  3. The time during which one is president; a president's term of office.
  4. Synonyms:
    1. government, handling, superintendence, operation, guidance, superintendency, management, charge, direction, stewardship, administration, oversight, running, control, conduct, care, intendance, supervision, regulation, governance, premiership, responsibility, status, authority, tenure, term, role, job, post, function, position, office, function, term of office
  1. The office and dignity of president; presidency.
  1. plural of presidentship
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