What is the noun for placing?

What's the noun for placing? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (physical) An area; somewhere within an area.
    1. An open space, particularly a city square, market square, or courtyard.
    2. A group of houses.
    3. An inhabited area: a village, town, or city.
    4. Any area of the earth: a region.
    5. The area one occupies, particularly somewhere to sit.
    6. The area where one lives: one's home, formerly (chiefly) country estates and farms.
    7. An area of the skin.
    8. (euphemistic slang) An area to urinate and defecate: an outhouse or lavatory.
    9. (obsolete) An area to fight: a battlefield or the contested ground in a battle.
  2. A location or position in space.
  3. A particular location in a book or document, particularly the current location of a reader.
  4. (obsolete) A passage or extract from a book or document.
  5. (rhetoric) A topic.
  6. A frame of mind.
  7. (chess, obsolete) A chess position; a square of the chessboard.
  8. (social) A responsibility or position in an organization.
    1. A role or purpose; a station.
    2. The position of a contestant in a competition.
    3. (horse-racing) The position of first, second, or third at the finish, especially the second position.
    4. The position as a member of a sports team.
  9. (obsolete) A fortified position: a fortress, citadel, or walled town.
  10. Numerically, the column counting a certain quantity.
  11. Ordinal relation; position in the order of proceeding.
  12. Reception; effect; implying the making room for.
  13. Synonyms:
    1. home, house, accommodation, property, abode, lodgings, residence, town, responsibility, location, establishment, site, duty, city, village, quarters, spot, job, pad, task, hamlet, scene, concern, digs, setting, job, role, part, country, state, right, dwelling, function, position, status, position, area, career, point, position, level, nation, stint, region, region, post, class, employment, premises, locality
  1. (business) A jobseeker who is considered by an employment agency to be suitable for placement, but not employment, with a client company.
  2. (translation studies) In computer-aided translation, an element, such as a symbol or numeral, that is the same in both source and target segments and can therefore be copied directly from one into the other.
  3. (morphology) Something which is conventionally associated with a specific place; for example, blinds go on windows, carpets go on floors.
  1. The action by which something is placed; placement; positioning.
  2. The condition of being placed.
  3. The position of a competitor at the end of a race.
  4. Synonyms:
    1. result, score, mark, grade, grading, points, rating, place, percentage, position, rank, record, ranking, assessment, appraisal, tally, evaluation, final result
  1. plural of placeable
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