What is the noun for locks?

What's the noun for locks? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. Something used for fastening, which can only be opened with a key or combination.
  2. (computing) A mutex or other token restricting access to a resource.
  3. A segment of a canal or other waterway enclosed by gates, used for raising and lowering boats between levels.
  4. (firearms) The firing mechanism.
  5. Complete control over a situation.
  6. Something sure to be a success.
  7. (rugby) A player in the scrum behind the front row, usually the tallest members of the team.
  8. A fastening together or interlacing; a closing of one thing upon another; a state of being fixed or immovable.
  9. A place from which egress is prevented, as by a lock.
  10. A device for keeping a wheel from turning.
  11. A grapple in wrestling.
  12. Synonyms:
    1. catch, bolt, curl, tuft, clasp, ringlet, tress, cinch, shoo-in, fastening, kiss-curl, lovelock, bar, forelock, hasp, wisp, strand, hank, latch, plait, sure thing, slam dunk, snippet, fastener, padlock, grapple, deadlock, skein, clamp, bond, clinch, hook, junction, grip, link, fixture, connection, dead bolt, security device, safety catch, mortise lock, combination lock
  1. The act by which something is locked.
  2. (computing) The use of a lock or a mutex to restrict access to a part of the code to at most one process.
  1. plural of lock
  2. (colloquial) Dreadlocks.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. curls, shock, head of hair, ringlets, mop, hair, tresses, mane
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