What is the noun for hundred?

What's the noun for hundred? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. A hundred-dollar bill, or any other note denominated 100 (e.g. a hundred euros).
  2. (historical) An administrative subdivision of southern English counties formerly reckoned as comprising 100 hides (households or families) and notionally equal to 12,000 acres.
  3. (by extension, historical) Similar divisions in other areas, particularly in other areas of Britain or the British Empire
  4. (cricket) A score of one hundred runs or more scored by a batsman.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. plenty, lot, barrel, deal, store, profusion, pile, scads, truckload, stack, passel, ton, peck, pot, heap, volume, quantity, sheaf, bundle, sight, lashings, dozen, much, bushel, multiplicity, slew, loads, bucket, fistful, myriad, wad, mountain, shipload, plenitude, spate, reams, oodles, yard, lashins, potful, plentitude, bunch, gobs, chunk, pack, carload, plateful, raft, mass, boatload
  1. The person or thing in the hundredth position.
  2. One of a hundred equal parts of a whole. Called also percent.
  1. plural of hundredfold
  1. plural of hundredth
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