What is the noun for hands?

What's the noun for hands? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. The part of the fore limb below the forearm or wrist in a human, and the corresponding part in many other animals.
  2. (heading) That which resembles, or to some extent performs the office of, a human hand.
    1. A limb of certain animals, such as the foot of a hawk, or any one of the four extremities of a monkey.
    2. An index or pointer on a dial; such as the hour and minute hands on the face of an analog clock, which are used to indicate the time of day.
  3. (heading) In linear measurement:
    1. (height) Four inches, a hand's breadth.
    2. (obsolete) Three inches.
  4. A side; part, camp; direction, either right or left.
  5. Power of performance; means of execution; ability; skill; dexterity.
  6. An agent; a servant, or manual laborer, especially in compounds; a workman, trained or competent for special service or duty; a performer more or less skillful.
  7. An instance of helping.
  8. Handwriting; style of penmanship.
  9. A person's autograph or signature.
  10. Personal possession; ownership.
  11. (plural) Management, domain, control.
  12. (heading) That which is, or may be, held in a hand at once.
    1. (card game) The set of cards held by a player.
    2. (tobacco manufacturing) A bundle of tobacco leaves tied together.
    3. (collective) The collective noun for a bunch of bananas.
  13. Applause.
  14. (historical) A Native American gambling game, involving guessing the whereabouts of bits of ivory or similar, which are passed rapidly from hand to hand.
  15. (firearms) The small part of a gunstock near the lock, which is grasped by the hand in taking aim.
  16. A whole rhizome of ginger.
  17. The feel of a fabric; the impression or quality of the fabric as judged qualitatively by the sense of touch.
  18. (archaic) Actual performance; deed; act; workmanship; agency; hence, manner of performance.
  19. (archaic) Agency in transmission from one person to another.
  20. (obsolete) Rate; price.
  21. Synonyms:
    1. control, worker, script, assistance, employee, handwriting, possession, aid, operative, help, charge, support, keeping, pointer, workman, labourer, hireling, paw, artisan, authority, writing, fist, power, palm, hook, needle, care, mitt, clap, longhand, calligraphy, penmanship, command, ovation, indicator, geek, adept, signature, master, guardianship, wizard, workwoman, mavin, artist, side, guru, proficient, side, ace, authority
  1. The act by which something is handed to somebody.
  1. plural of handing
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