What is the noun for elaborated?

What's the noun for elaborated? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. The act or process of producing or refining with labor; improvement by successive operations; refinement.
  2. The natural process of formation or assimilation, performed by the living organs in animals and vegetables, by which a crude substance is changed into something of a higher order
  3. (computing) Setting up a hierarchy of calculated constants in a language such as Ada so that the values of one or more of them determine others further down in the hierarchy.
  4. (electronics) The process of taking a parsed tree of an abstract integrated circuit definition in a language such as Verilog and creating a hierarchy of module instances that ends with primitive (atomic) gates and statements.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. embroidering, hyperbole, magnification, padding, stretching, caricature, embroidery, overstatement, embellishment, exaggeration, coloring, progression, development, expansion, growth, evolution, progress, amplification, discussion, embellishment, explanation, illustration, expansion, comment
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