What is the noun for departmentalize?

What's the noun for departmentalize? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. A part, portion, or subdivision.
  2. A distinct course of life, action, study, or the like.
  3. A subdivision of an organization.
    1. (often in proper names) One of the principal divisions of executive government
    2. (in a university) One of the divisions of instructions
  4. A territorial division; a district; especially, in France, one of the districts composed of several arrondissements into which the country is divided for governmental purposes. In France, a department is smaller than a region
  5. (historical) A military subdivision of a country
  6. (obsolete) Act of departing; departure.
  7. Synonyms:
    1. constituent part, business, bureau, unit, staff, station, office, station, commission, agency, sector, division, administration, board, province, bureau, branch, office, administration, section, area, slot, capacity, class, ward, subdivision, parish, bailiwick, line, responsibility, niche, activity, commune, realm, occupation, spot, circuit, domain, assignment, quarter, range, constituency, specialty, duty, canton, classification, field, vocation, dominion, precinct
  1. the organization of something into departments according to function, geographic location etc.
  1. plural of dept, departments
  1. Alternative spelling of dept.
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