What is the noun for cup?

What's the noun for cup? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. A concave vessel for drinking from, usually made of opaque material (as opposed to a glass) and with a handle.
  2. The contents of said vessel; a cupful.
  3. A customary unit of measure
    1. (US) A US unit of liquid measure equal to 8 fluid ounces (1/16 of a US gallon; 236.5882365 mL) or 240 mL.
    2. (Canada) A Canadian unit of measure equal to 8 imperial ounces (1/20 imperial gallon; 227.3 mL) or 250 mL.
    3. (Britain, dated) A British unit of measure equal to 0.5 imperial pints (10 imperial ounces; 284 mL) or 300mL.
  4. A trophy in the shape of an oversized cup.
  5. A contest for which a cup is awarded.
  6. (association football) The main knockout tournament in a country, organised alongside the league.
  7. (golf) A cup-shaped object placed in the target hole.
  8. (US, Canada) A rigid concave protective covering for the male genitalia. (for UK usage see box)
  9. One of the two parts of a brassiere which each cover a breast, used as a measurement of size.
  10. (mathematics) The symbol
  11. A suit of the minor arcana in tarot, or one of the cards from the suit.
  12. (ultimate frisbee) A defensive style characterized by a three player near defense cupping the thrower; or those three players.
  13. A flexible concave membrane used to temporarily attach a handle or hook to a flat surface by means of suction (suction cup).
  14. Anything shaped like a cup.
  15. (medicine) A cupping glass or other vessel or instrument used to produce the vacuum in cupping.
  16. That which is to be received or indured; that which is allotted to one; a portion.
  17. Synonyms:
    1. chalice, trophy, mug, goblet, teacup, prize, mug, beaker, award, punch, demitasse, cannikin, bowl, drink, vessel, stein, cupful, potion, draft, taster, tumbler, grail, mixed drink
  1. (medicine) The operation of drawing blood to or from the surface of the person by forming a partial vacuum over the spot.
  2. (medicine) A similar operation for drawing pus from an abscess.
  3. (medicine) Fire cupping, a traditional therapeutic treatment called in which heated cupping glasses are applied to the skin, supposedly to draw blood towards the surface.
  4. The taking of a small amount of a beverage such as tea or coffee into the mouth in order to taste it; a session where this is done.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. myofascial decompression, MFD
  1. The amount necessary to make a cup full
  2. A half pint, i.e. eight ounces
  3. Synonyms:
    1. cup, chalice, trophy, goblet, mug, prize, teacup, award, beaker, bowl, cannikin, demitasse, draught, draft, grail, potion, stein, taster, tumbler, vessel
  1. The state or quality of being cuppy.
  1. plural of cupping
  2. Synonyms:
    1. myofascial decompression, MFDs
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