What is the noun for controlled?

What's the noun for controlled? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (countable, uncountable) Influence or authority over something.
  2. A separate group or subject in an experiment against which the results are compared where the primary variable is low or non-existent.
  3. The method and means of governing the performance of any apparatus, machine or system, such as a lever, handle or button.
  4. Restraint or ability to contain one's movements or emotions, or self-control.
  5. A security mechanism, policy, or procedure that can counter system attack, reduce risks, and resolve vulnerabilities; a safeguard or countermeasure.
  6. (project management) A means of monitoring for, and triggering intervention in, activities that are not going according to plan.
  7. A duplicate book, register, or account, kept to correct or check another account or register.
  8. (graphical user interface) An interface element that a computer user interacts with, such as a window or a text box.
  9. (climatology) Any of the physical factors determining the climate of a place, such as latitude, distribution of land and water, altitude, exposure, prevailing winds, permanent high- or low-barometric-pressure areas, ocean currents, mountain barriers, soil, and vegetation.
  10. (linguistics) A construction in which the understood subject of a given predicate is determined by an expression in context. See control.
  11. Synonyms:
    1. proficiency, balance, grasp, command, composure, charge, handling, hold, benchmark, skill, skillfulness, authority, direction, evenness, calmness, patience, management, standard, grip, criterion, headquarters, steadfastness, domination, guidance, ascendancy, composure, poise, steadiness, containment, stability, mastery, coolness, power, use, calm, dignity, clutch, care, usage, poise, collectedness, management, yardstick, fortitude, supremacy, terminal, base, manipulation, influence, expertise
  1. One who controls something.
  2. (electronics) Any electric or mechanical device for controlling a circuit or system.
  3. (business) A person who audits, and manages the financial affairs of a company or government; a comptroller.
  4. (computing) A mechanism that controls or regulates the operation of a machine, especially a peripheral device in a computer.
  5. (nautical) An iron block, usually bolted to a ship's deck, for controlling the running out of a chain cable. The links of the cable tend to drop into hollows in the block, and thus hold fast until disengaged.
  6. (espionage) The person who supervises and handles communication with an agent in the field.
  7. (linguistics) The subject of a control verb. See Control (linguistics)
  8. (software architecture) In software applications using the model-view-controller design pattern, the part or parts of the application that treat input and output, forming an interface between models and views.
  9. Synonyms:
    1. control, regulator, checker, comptroller, administrator, superintendent, chief, foreman, organizer, director, driver, head, supervisor, overseer, manager, device, switch, governor, rheostat, head man
  1. The state of being controllable; the capability of being controlled.
  1. The degree to which something is controlled
  1. The position or office of a controller.
  1. Obsolete form of control.
  1. Obsolete form of control.
  1. (obsolete) Control.
  1. plural of controllership
  1. plural of controlment
  1. plural of controull
  1. plural of controul
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