What is the noun for bud?

What's the noun for bud? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. A newly formed leaf or flower that has not yet unfolded.
  2. A small rounded body in the process of splitting from an organism, which may grow into a genetically identical new organism.
  3. (usually uncountable, slang) Potent cannabis taken from the flowering part of the plant (the bud), or marijuana generally.
  4. A weaned calf in its first year, so called because the horns are then beginning to bud.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. sprout, shoot, youngster, bambino, moppet, chap, sprat, cub, youngling, bairn, kid, kiddie, kiddo, chick, child, whelp, juvenile, youth, kiddy, squirt, sprout, branch, floret, offshoot, plumule, burgeon, flowerlet, scion, twig, sprig, spark, blossom, embryo, outgrowth, germ, bloom, nucleus, incipient flower
  1. The development of buds on a plant.
  2. The time in a plant's lifecycle when visible buds first appear.
  3. A bud, immature shoot, or growth tip on a cultivated plant.
  4. A variety of tea made from the budsets of the tea plant.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. white tea, bud
  1. (horticulture) The result of uniting a single scion bud with rootstock or bark.
  2. Synonyms:
    1. blossoming, flowering, bloom, developing, flourishing, thriving
  1. A little bud springing from a parent bud.
  1. A plant that buds.
  1. A small, young, or immature bud.
  1. plural of budling
  1. plural of budset
  2. Synonyms:
    1. buds, white tea
  1. plural of budder
  1. plural of budlet
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