What is the noun for bait?

What's the noun for bait? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. Any substance, especially food, used in catching fish, or other animals, by alluring them to a hook, snare, trap, or net.
  2. Food containing poison or a harmful additive to kill animals that are pests.
  3. Anything which allures; something used to lure or entice someone or something into doing something
  4. A portion of food or drink, as a refreshment taken on a journey; also, a stop for rest and refreshment.
    1. (Geordie) A packed lunch
    2. (East Anglia) A small meal taken mid-morning while farming
    3. (Northern England) A miner's packed meal.
  5. A light or hasty luncheon.
  6. Synonyms:
    1. lure, enticement, temptation, carrot, attraction, snare, incentive, allurement, come-on, decoy, magnet, lure, inducement, decoy, trap, draw, turn-on, siren, bribe, teaser, fly, troll, plug, incitement, jig, honeypot, seducement, siren song, drag, pull, shill, carrot and stick
  1. Agent noun of bait; one who baits, as with a fishhook.
  2. (Internet) A troll who deliberately posts aggravating messages on a message board to elicit responses.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. tempter, seducer, solicitor, tease, tormentor, taunter, persecutor, tormenter, harasser, ridiculer, quizzer, mocker, heckler, torturer, needler, teaser, quiz
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