What is the noun for alternatives?

What's the noun for alternatives? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. The reciprocal succession of (normally two) things in time or place; the act of following and being followed by turns; alternate succession, performance, or occurrence
  2. (religion) The response of the congregation speaking alternately with the minister.
  3. (linguistics) Ablaut.
  4. (linguistics) A pattern by which more than one construct is possible, as with "Alice cooked Bob dinner" and "Alice cooked dinner for Bob".
  5. (logic) The "inclusive or" truth function.
  6. (mathematics) A sequence that alternates between positive and negative values; sometimes incorrectly used to mean permutation.
  7. (computing) A construct in a regular expression that can match any of several specified subexpressions.
  8. (geometry) A type of partial truncation of a polygon, polyhedron or tiling in which alternate vertices are removed.
  9. Synonyms:
  10. Examples:
    1. “Alternating applications of different fungicides has the effect of limiting total seasonal use of both fungicides used in the alternation.”
      “There is no evolution in his work, but a continual alternation between structure and disorder, equilibrium and fragmentation.”
      “In this paper, I propose an account of the allomorphic alternation of the lexical passive construction in terms of Information Theory.”
  1. That which alternates with something else; vicissitude.
  2. (US) A substitute; an alternative; one designated to take the place of another, if necessary, in performing some duty.
  3. (mathematics) A proportion derived from another proportion by interchanging the means.
  4. (US) A replacement of equal or greater value or function.
  5. (heraldry) Figures or tinctures that succeed each other by turns.
  6. Synonyms:
  7. Examples:
    1. “Arbitration was long thought of as an alternate to the mainstream court system.”
  1. A situation which allows a mutually exclusive choice between two or more possibilities; a choice between two or more possibilities. [from 17th c.]
  2. One of several mutually exclusive things which can be chosen. [from 17th c.]
  3. The remaining option; something available after other possibilities have been exhausted. [from 18th c.]
  4. Synonyms:
  5. Examples:
    1. “We do not have an alternative as all the other restaurants are fully booked.”
  1. A characteristic of something having alternative connotations, akin to the representation of choice between two or more possibilities.
  2. (mathematics) A term of magma used to describe identifiable properties in an algebraic structure.
  3. The tendency to pursue an alternative, especially when the previous solution is less available or less desirable.
  1. (linguistics) An alternate form or allomorph.
  2. (mathematics) A determinant which is an alternating function.
  1. (archaic) alternation
  2. The concept that there exist alternate worlds or universes to the one in which we live.
  1. The rejection of a social normality through the pursuit of alternatives.
  1. The state of being alternative or representing alternatives.
  2. Examples:
    1. “It was a pretty gay city even then, a mecca of fun and outrageous alternativeness.”
      “By means of stereotypical mentality, this very idea of alternativeness has also been extended to the pipelines.”
      “Part of this strange alternativeness is that it explores primary, secondary and post-secondary, and it is aimed at student-teachers as well as teachers.”
  1. The state or quality of being alternate.
  1. A supporter of alternativism.
  1. plural of alternativist
  1. plural of alternation
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The color alternations intensify at various moments, as though attempting to overwhelm the viewer's sensorial apparatus.”
      “The so-called sleep movements of leaves are determined by the daily alternations of light and darkness.”
      “He plays with sharp alternations of mood, from the high-spirited to the melancholic in a single sentence or musical cue.”
  1. plural of alternative
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Waxed kitchen matches are good alternatives so long as they're stored in a waterproof container.”
      “Instead, focus on getting whole-grain baked goods, fresh produce and grain alternatives such as amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat.”
      “Two important alternatives to current oil reserves are shale oil and tar sands.”
  1. plural of alternant
  2. Examples:
    1. “All observed asymmetries between the two alternants are shown to fall out naturally from this and related structural distinctions.”
      “The generalization from alternants to nonalternants is given particular attention.”
      “Hence, the voiced alternants induced by Verner's Law may be expected in both subjunctive pret. singular and plural.”
  1. plural of alternacy
  1. plural of alternity
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