What does เป็นพิเศษ (Pĕn phiṣ̄es̄ʹ) mean in Thai?

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More meanings for เป็นพิเศษ (Pĕn phiṣ̄es̄ʹ)
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พิเศษ adjective, noun, adverb
Phiṣ̄es̄ʹ extra, special, exclusive, specially, extraordinary
เป็น preposition, adjective, verb
Pĕn are, be, become, for, have
Similar Words
เป็นฟืนเป็นไฟ adverb
Pĕnfụ̄npĕnfị fiercely, furiously, angrily
เหลือเกิน adjective, adverb
H̄elụ̄xkein exceedingly, too, egregious, unconscionable, arrant
เฉพาะ adjective, verb, adverb
C̄hephāa specifically, especially, particularly, special, peculiar
ชะมัด adverb
Chamạd terribly, awfully, extremely
สาหัส adjective, adverb
S̄āh̄ạs̄ serious, seriously, severe, fatally, grievous
พะงาบ verb, adverb
Phangāb fatally, nearly death, mortally, slowly shut the mouth
แจ๊ด adverb
Cǽd strongly, intensely, glaringly, brightly
ตุบๆ adverb
Tub« achingly, repeatedly, spasmodically
อย่างเด่น adverb
Xỳāng dèn prominently, eminently, importantly, outstandingly, predominantly
น่าขนลุก adjective, verb, adverb
Ǹā k̄hnluk creepy, be eery, be horrible, be timid, be eerie
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