What does 대규모의 (daegyumoui) mean in Korean?

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ui of, relationship, ties, justice
대규모의 제조업자 noun
daegyumoui jejo-eobja a large manufacturer, manufacturer
대규모의 목축장 noun
daegyumoui mogchugjang a large herd of cattle, ranch
대규모의 제조 noun
daegyumoui jejo large scale manufacturing, manufacture
Similar Words
세계적인 adjective
segyejeog-in worldwide, ecumenical
주요한 adjective
juyohan mainly, major, leading, principal, chief
중요한 adjective
jung-yohan important, significant, substantial, fundamental, considerable
크고 무거운 adjective
keugo mugeoun massive, massy
광범위한 adjective
gwangbeom-wihan discursive, far-flung
실질적인 adjective
siljiljeog-in substantial
keun large, big, great, gross, towering
상당한 크기의 adjective
sangdanghan keugiui of considerable size, sizable
대륙간의 adjective
daelyuggan-ui intercontinental
조방의 adjective
jobang-ui copious, extensive
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