What does 発生 (Hassei) mean in Japanese?

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発生率 noun
Hassei-ritsu incidence, frequency, rate of occurrence
adjective, noun
Nama living, raw, crude, unprocessed, pure
異常発生 noun
Ijō hassei abnormal occurrence, plague
Hatsu depart, departure, beginning, pop
Similar Words
出来事 noun
Dekigoto event, incident, happening, affair
入射 noun
Nyūsha incident, incidence
環境 noun
Kankyō environment, surroundings, circumstance, environ
外観 noun
Gaikan appearance, exterior, facade
現象 noun
Genshō phenomenon
ハプニング noun
Hapuningu happening
事件 noun
Jiken a case, incident, case, event, affair
事項 noun
Jikō matters, matter, item, fact
存在 noun
Sonzai existence, being
顕現 adjective, noun
Kengen manifestation, actual
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