What does ディスプレー (Disupurē) mean in Japanese?

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More meanings for ディスプレー (Disupurē)
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Similar Words
見せびらかす verb
Misebirakasu show off, flaunt
侮辱する verb
Bujoku suru insult, denigrate
のベールを取る verb
No bēru o toru take a veil of, unveil
明らかにする verb
Akiraka ni suru to clarify, reveal, clarify, clear, elucidate
証明する verb
Shōmei suru to prove, demonstrate, prove, certify, attest
振り回す verb
Furimawasu swing around, swing, wield, brandish, wave
栄える verb
Sakaeru flourish, prosper, look attractive, shine, flower
明かす verb
Akasu reveal, divulge, admit, keep awake, be awake
示す verb
Shimesu to indicate, indicate, show, exhibit, denote
曝す verb
Sarasu to expose, expose, bleach, gibbet, air
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