What does υγιής (ygií̱s) mean in Greek?

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να είσαι υγιής
na eísai ygiís be healthy
υγιής και εγκάρδια
ygií̱s kai enkárdia healthy and cordial
να είναι υγιής
na eínai ygiís be healthy
σωματικά υγιής
somatiká ygiís physically healthy
Similar Words
σημαντικός adjective
si̱mantikós significant, considerable, material, outstanding, notable
κατάλληλος adjective
katállilos suitable, appropriate, proper, right, convenient
κανονικός adjective
kanonikós normal, canonical, standard, regular, orderly
λογικός adjective
logikós reasonable, logical, rational, sensible, presumable
έξυπνος adjective
éxypnos smart, clever, intelligent, ingenious, canny
επίπεδο adjective, noun
epípedo level, plane, layer, even, levelness
ακμαίος adjective
akmaíos flourishing
συνετός adjective
synetós prudent, wise, judicious, discreet, considerate
σκοπός adjective, noun
skopós purpose, objective, aim, scope, view
ισορροπημένος adjective
isorropi̱ménos balanced, well-balanced, level-headed
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