What is the meaning of the Greek word εγγαστρίμυθος (engastrímythos)?

English Translation
More meanings for εγγαστρίμυθος (engastrímythos)
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απλωμένος adjective
aplo̱ménos laid out, outspread, rambling
περιπλανώμενος adjective
periplanó̱menos stray, wanderer, vagrant, vagabond, astray
περιπατητικός adjective
peripatitikós ambulatory, peripatetic, perambulatory
αναξιόπιστος adjective
anaxiópistos unreliable, untrustworthy, irresponsible, fly-by-night
παροδικός adjective
parodikós transient, transitory, impermanent, evanescent
πλανόδιος adjective
planódios itinerant, errant, peripatetic, erratic
ασταθής adjective
astathís unstable, erratic, unsteady, choppy, inconstant
άστατος adjective
ástatos fickle, unsettled, mercurial, capricious, inconstant
άεργος adjective
áergos idle, unemployed, workless, jobless
ξηρότερος adjective
xiróteros drier, drifting
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