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What does bombe A mean in French?

What's the meaning of the French phrase 'bombe A'? Here's a list of translations and example phrases.

English Translations
Phrases in Context
L'Union soviétique conçoit une bombe A et la teste le 29 août 1949.
The Soviet Union designed an A bomb and tested it on 29 August 1949.
La bombe A, communément appelée bombe atomique, bombe à fission ou bombe nucléaire, est un engin explosif où l'énergie est obtenue par la fission nucléaire d'une masse critique d'éléments fissibles comme l'uranium 235 ou le plutonium 239.
Bomb A, commonly known as an atomic bomb, a fission bomb or a nuclear bomb, is an explosive device where energy is obtained by the nuclear fission of a critical mass of fissile elements such as uranium-235 or plutonium-239.
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