What does labis na pinagod sa trabaho mean in Filipino?

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trabaho noun
work, job, employment, occupation, labor
pinagod adjective
weary, jaded
labis prefix, adjective, noun, adverb
excessive, excess, very, extremely, much
sa adjective, preposition, adverb
in, to, on, with, at
na adverb, conjunction
that, already, any longer, yet, lest
Similar Words
pagod na pagod adjective
exhausted, dreary, chivied, all in, hagridden
luma na adjective, adverb
already old, trite, old, behind the times, done
napakakaraniwan adjective
very common, hackneyed
estereotipiko adjective
esterotipiko, stereotyped
karaniwan adjective, verb, noun, adverb
usually, common, usual, average, normally
napuwersa adjective
forced, strained
gulanit adjective, verb
pale, ragged, tattered, threadbare, rag
baldado adjective, noun
crippled, overused, disabled
pagod adjective, verb, noun
tired, worn, weary, fatigue, tiredness
lipas adjective, noun
cockroach, obsolete, stale, lapsed, out of season
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