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被忽视的 adjective
Bèi hūshì de neglected, obliterate
玩忽 adjective, verb
Wànhū neglect, negligent, trifle
飘忽 adjective, verb
Piāohū uncertain, fleet, mobile, move swiftly
忽然 adjective, adverb
Hūrán suddenly, sudden, all of a sudden, all of at once
疏忽 noun, verb
Shūhū negligence, neglect, oversight, carelessness
忽略 verb
Hūlüè ignore, neglect, overlook, omit, forget
疏忽的 adjective
Shūhū de negligent, slack, neglectful, lax
忽視 adjective, noun, verb
Hūshì neglect, ignored, negligence, disregard, overpass
Similar Words
随便地 adverb
Suíbiàn de unceremoniously
一下子 adverb
Yīxià zi all of a sudden, all at once, for a while, for a short while
即刻 adjective, adverb
Jíkè immediately, instantly, instant
立刻 adjective, adverb
Lìkè immediately, at once, immediate, promptly, shortly
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