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Similar Words
雕刻 verb, noun
Diāokè sculpture, engraving, carving, carve, engrave
伤害 verb, noun
Shānghài hurt, harm, injure, mischief, prejudice
损伤 noun, verb
Sǔnshāng damage, trauma, injure, harm, mar
刺穿 verb
Cì chuān pierce, perforate, transfix, spike, quill
跳水 noun, verb
Tiàoshuǐ diving, dive, plunge
verb, noun
Chuō stamp, poke, jab, stab, prick
adjective, verb, noun
Jiā folder, clip, lined, press from both sides, narrow lane
hack, chop, wedge, cleave, divide
noun, verb
Qiè cut, slice, tangency, chip, be close to
挖出 verb
Wā chū digging out, dig out, gouge, scoop out, quarry
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