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What does (Bù) mean in Chinese?

English Translation
More meanings for 不 (Bù)
not adverb
, , , ,
no noun
没有, 拒绝
non- prefix
a- prefix
il- prefix
im- prefix
in- prefix
ir- prefix
un- prefix
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See Also in Chinese
不同的 adjective
Bùtóng de different, unequal
不锈钢 noun
Bùxiùgāng stainless steel
对不起 phrase
Duìbùqǐ I am sorry
不管 conjunction, preposition
Bùguǎn regardless of, no matter
不可能 adjective
Bù kěnéng impossible
不会 adjective, auxiliary verb, verb, adverb
Bù huì will not, unlikely, be unable to, improbable, have not learned to
不足 noun, auxiliary verb, adjective, adverb
Bùzú insufficient, inadequate, shortage, deficiency, not enough
不同 noun, adjective, verb
Bùtóng different, differ, distinct, distinctive, not the same
不好意思 verb
Bù hǎoyìsi sorry, feel embarrassed, find embarrassing to do, be ill-at-ease
Bù kèqì you're welcome
See Also in English
not adverb
, , , ,
do noun, verb
, , , 进行,
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