What does 履行 (Lǚxíng) mean in Chinese?

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履行诺言 verb
Lǚxíng nuòyán fulfil your promise, deliver the goods
adjective, noun, verb
Xíng row, do, behavior, travel, walk
noun, verb
shoe, carry out, walk on, footstep, tread
拒绝履行 verb
Jùjué lǚxíng refusal to perform, repudiate
履行者 noun
Lǚxíng zhě performer, discharger
Similar Words
完成 verb, noun
Wánchéng carry out, complete, accomplish, fulfill, carry through
执行 noun, verb
Zhíxíng carried out, execution, execute, implement, carry out
承诺 noun, verb
Chéngnuò committed to, commitment, promise, undertaking, commit
进行 verb, noun, adverb
Jìnxíng get on, conduct, carry out, carry on, do
使 adjective, verb, noun, conjunction
Shǐ make, cause, use, envoy, factitive
实现 verb, noun
Shíxiàn achieve, realize, implement, realization, bring about
谈判 noun, verb
Tánpàn negotiation, talks, negotiate, talk, conference
Zuò do, make, be, act, prepare
实行 verb
Shíxíng practice, implement, carry out, put into practice, prosecute
verb, noun
Fàn guilty, commit, criminal, attack, violate
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