What does প্রতিবন্ধ (Pratibandha) mean in Bengali?

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More meanings for প্রতিবন্ধী (Pratibandha)
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পক্ষাঘাতগ্রস্ত adjective
Pakṣāghātagrasta paralyzed, palsied, paralysed
ব্যতিক্রমী adjective
Byatikramī exceptional, anomalous, absolute
বিকলাঙ্গ adjective,
Bikalāṅga crippled, handicapped, disabled, misshapen, malformed
সংপৃষ্ট adjective
Sampr̥ṣṭa compressed, challenged
স্থগিত adjective
Sthagita postponed, suspended, ceased, stopped
পঙ্গু adjective,
Paṅgu lame, crippled, limping, gammy, invalid
জীর্ণ adjective,
Jīrṇa worn out, dilapidated, decayed, seedy, ragged
পল্কা adjective
Palkā spin, sickly, rotten, weak, feeble
ক্ষত adjective, noun,
Kṣata wound, sore, hurt, battered, injury
হত adjective
Hata would have been, slain, killed, impaired, wretched
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