What does ultracold mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word ultracold? Here's what it means.

  1. (physics) Of a temperature close to absolute zero, especially one at which quantum-mechanical properties are observed.
  2. (informal) Extremely cold.
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It is the understanding of these expansion dynamics that is exciting, because it may be that ultracold plasmas cross over to the regime of strongly coupled plasma physics.
Hallmarks of an exotic, predicted state of matter called a supersolid have been spotted in a gas of ultracold rubidium atoms.
Researchers created the first ultracold molecules and a superatom, or Bose-Einstein condensate, of hydrogen.
It has a particularly convenient Feshbach spectrum to enable studies of ultracold atoms requiring tunable interactions.
The ultracold atoms all fall into the same quantum state, becoming a sort of superatom called a Bose-Einstein condensate.
The lifetime will be measured by observing the decay rate of a sample of ultracold neutrons confined in vacuum in a magnetic trap.

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