What does thermobaric mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word thermobaric? Here's what it means.

  1. Describing various weapons that use atmospheric oxygen to produce a blast wave of a significantly longer duration than those produced by condensed explosives.
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Submunition, antitank mine cluster, HE-fragmentation, thermobaric, HE-penetration, shaped charge-fragmentation, and sensor-fused submunitions warheads are available.
Nic, what do you know about the thermobaric bomb, that new bomb they use to hit caves?
The thermobaric bombs being used are the epitome of weapons of mass destruction, the very weapons which they rant and rave about being in the hands of other countries.
These included 10 anti-personnel mines, 20 land mines, four light anti-tank weapons, automatic rifles and ammunition, explosives and related material, and thermobaric weapons.
Meanwhile, the CIA has acquired a thermobaric weapon that creates a pressure wave that kills humans but leaves property undamaged.
Those who authorised the use of White Phophorus and also thermobaric explosives, must also face trial.

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