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  1. Furniture with a top surface to accommodate a variety of uses.
    1. An item of furniture with a flat top surface raised above the ground, usually on one or more legs.
    2. A flat tray which can be used as a table.
    3. (poker, metonymically)  The lineup of players at a given table.
    4. A group of people at a table, for example for a meal or game.
    5. A service of Holy Communion.
  2. A two-dimensional presentation of data.
    1. A matrix or grid of data arranged in rows and columns.
    2. A collection of arithmetic calculations arranged in a table, such as multiplications in a multiplication table.
    3. (computing) A lookup table, most often a set of vectors.
    4. (sports)  A visual representation of a classification of teams or individuals based on their success over a predetermined period.
  3. (music)  The top of a stringed instrument, particularly a member of the violin family: the side of the instrument against which the strings vibrate.
  4. (backgammon)  One half of a backgammon board, which is divided into the inner and outer table.
  1. To put on a table.
  2. (Britain, Canada, New Zealand) To put on the agenda, to propose for discussion or consideration (from to put on the table).
  3. (US) To remove from the agenda, to postpone dealing with; to shelve (to indefinitely postpone consideration or discussion of something).
  4. To tabulate; to put into a table.
  5. To delineate, as on a table; to represent, as in a picture.
  6. To supply with food; to feed.
  7. (carpentry) To insert, as one piece of timber into another, by alternate scores or projections from the middle, to prevent slipping; to scarf.
  8. To enter upon the docket.
  9. (nautical) To make board hems in the skirts and bottoms of (sails) in order to strengthen them in the part attached to the bolt-rope.
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