What does sugar mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word sugar? Here's what it means.

  1. (countable) A specific variety of sugar.
  2. (chemistry) Any of various small carbohydrates that are used by organisms to store energy.
  3. (countable) When used to sweeten a drink, an amount of this substance approximately equal to five grams or one teaspoon.
  4. (countable) A term of endearment.
  5. (countable, slang) A kiss.
  6. (uncountable, informal) Diabetes.
  7. (dated) Anything resembling sugar in taste or appearance, especially in chemistry.
  8. Compliment or flattery used to disguise or render acceptable something obnoxious; honeyed or soothing words.
  9. (US, slang) Heroin.
  1. (transitive) To add sugar to; to sweeten with sugar.
  2. (transitive) To make (something unpleasant) seem less so.
  3. (US, Canada, regional) In making maple sugar, to complete the process of boiling down the syrup till it is thick enough to crystallize; to approach or reach the state of granulation; with the preposition off.
  4. (entomology) To apply sugar to trees or plants in order to catch moths.
  5. (programming) To rewrite (source code) using syntactic sugar.
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