What does so mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word so? Here's what it means.

  1. In order that.
  2. With the result that; for that reason; therefore.
  3. (archaic) Provided that; on condition that, as long as.
  1. To the (explicitly stated) extent that.
  2. (informal) To the (implied) extent.
    1. (informal) Very (positive clause).
    2. (informal) Very (negative clause).
    3. (slang, chiefly US) Very much.
  3. In a particular manner.
  4. In the same manner or to the same extent as aforementioned; also.
  5. (with as): To such an extent or degree; as.
  1. True, accurate.
  2. In that state or manner; with that attribute. A proadjective that replaces the aforementioned adjective phrase.
  3. (dated, Britain, slang) Homosexual.
  1. Used after a pause for thought to introduce a new topic, question or story.
  2. Short for so what.
  3. Used to connect previous conversation or events to the following question.
  4. (archaic) Be as you are; stand still; used especially to cows; also used by sailors.
  1. Abbreviation of someone.
  1. (music) A syllable used in solfège to represent the fifth note of a major scale.
  1. (foods) A type of dairy product made in Japan between the seventh and 10th centuries.
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