What is a rhombus?

What is a rhombus? Here are some definitions.

  1. (zoology, now rare) Any of several flatfishes, including the brill and turbot, once considered part of the genus Rhombus, now in Scophthalmus. [from 16th c.]
  2. (zoology, archaic) Snails, now in Conus or Conidae.
  3. (geometry) A parallelogram having all sides of equal length. [from 16th c.]
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I picked up an interesting sedimentary rock that was the exact shape of a rhombus.
Figure 6 shows an equilateral triangle and a rhombus that circumscribe the same unit circle.
Of two cones of one common base is made Archimede's rhombus, as here, whose geodsy shall be cut of two cones.
On more than one occasion during the qualifiers Eriksson's jewel looked more like a rhombus that had slewed drunkenly.
Or why the Noble Antoninus in some sence doth call the soul it self a rhombus?
They were a weird rhombus shape, and his irises were a mixture of pinks and creams, which Katelyn really loved.

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