What does reactance mean?

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  1. (physics) The opposition to the change in flow of current in an alternating current circuit, due to inductance and capacitance; the imaginary part of the impedance.
  2. (psychology) An emotional reaction in direct contradiction to rules or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms.
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Electric power is a function of resistance and reactance, in which only the resistive component does the useful work.
To a first approximation the peak inrush is given by the reciprocal of the per unit series reactance of the transformer.
Inductive reactance is associated with the magnetic field that surrounds a wire or a coil carrying a current.
The vertical vector pointing below the horizontal line represents the capacitive reactance.
The degree to which the current is opposed by the capacity is the reactance of that capacity for that frequency.
Because such a structure will be inherently inductive there will be some inductive reactance opposing current flow.

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