What does rabbit mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word rabbit? Here's what it means.

  1. A mammal of the family Leporidae, with long ears, long hind legs and a short, fluffy tail.
  2. The fur of a rabbit typically used to imitate another animal's fur.
  3. A runner in a distance race whose goal is mainly to set the pace, either to tire a specific rival so that a teammate can win or to help another break a record; a pacesetter.
  4. (cricket) A very poor batsman; selected as a bowler or wicket-keeper.
  5. (computing theory) A large element at the beginning of a list of items to be bubble sorted, and thus tending to be quickly swapped into its correct position. Compare turtle.
  1. (intransitive) To hunt rabbits.
  2. (US, intransitive) To flee.
  1. (Britain, intransitive) To talk incessantly and in a childish manner; to babble annoyingly.
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