What are parasitoids?

What are parasitoids? Here are some definitions.

  1. plural of parasitoid
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Thus, natural selection should favor parasitoids that utilize as kairomones only the chemicals that uniquely and reliably identify potential hosts.
Members of the family Scelionidae are egg parasitoids of several economically-important hemipteran pests.
One downside of group dining is that chemical signals from the larvae and their frass can attract parasitoids.
Larvae develop as parasitoids of 13 insect orders, spider eggs, ticks, pseudoscorpions, and nematodes, or as primary or secondary feeders on plant tissue.
Sticky hairs don't work as well against most parasitoids, whose larvae grow inside and ultimately kill their caterpillar hosts.
In central Ontario, eight species of parasitoids and a Periclistus inquiline are associated with this gall.

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