What is a paraboloid?

What is a paraboloid? Here are some definitions.

  1. (mathematics) A surface having a parabolic cross section parallel to an axis, and circular or elliptical cross section perpendicular to the axis; especially the surface of revolution of a parabola.
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In the first case the surface is called an hyperboloid of one sheet, in the second an Hyperbolic Paraboloid.
Here, the repetition and rotation of a basic truss creates the paraboloid form of the roof.
If it lies at the infinity, the plane at infinity is a tangent plane, and the surface is called a paraboloid.
The complex is notable for its concrete mural by sculptor Keith McCarter and the concrete elliptical paraboloid shell roof over the staff restaurant building.
However, as the paraboloid becomes narrower, it tilts, then abruptly tumbles onto its side.
Its elliptical paraboloid shape was selected because it could be easily described mathematically, simplifying both design and construction.

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