What does palatalization mean?

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  1. (phonology) The state or quality of being palatalized, of pronouncing a sound with the tongue against the palate of the mouth that normally is not.
  2. (phonology) An instance of pronunciation in which a sound is palatalized.
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This palatalization of sk was general in Scotland as well as in England, and such words in sk must be regarded as Scand.
Investigation of the social distribution of palatalization shows that women's speeches reflect frequent and advanced palatalization, while men's do not.
According to some analyses, the lenition of the palatalized consonant is still a part of the palatalization process itself.
Old historical splits have frequently drifted since the time they occurred and may be independent of current phonetic palatalization.
Palatalization inhibited across phrase boundaries, and palatalization at word boundaries provides syntactic boundary cues to speakers of American English.
The phenomenon of palatalization is the single most important phonetic phenomenon of the Modern Greek language.

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