What are pacas?

What are pacas? Here are some definitions.

  1. plural of paca
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Agoutis are smaller than their relatives the piglike pacas and larger than squirrels, which they resemble.
However, anthropogenic activities such as farming may also benefit prey such as white-tailed deer, collared peccaries, lowland pacas, and white-nosed coatis.
Eight other species, including pacas, pacaranas, spiny rats and porcupines, also steal Brazil nuts stored by agoutis.
This report provides two new distributional records of pacas in Hidalgo and Tamaulipas, and discusses the likely northern distributional limits of the species in Mexico.
It is an unfortunate and potentially confusing accident of taxonomy that agoutis do not belong to the family Agoutidae, which instead contains their relatives, the pacas.
That was entirely the work of the rodent animals, the pacas, cavies, and agoutis.

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