What does henbane mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word henbane? Here's what it means.

  1. A poisonous plant, Hyoscyamus niger, used sometimes as a drug that causes at least hallucinations, dilated pupils, restlessness, and flushed skin.
  2. Any other plant of the genus Hyoscyamus.
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An alkaloid obtained from common henbane, and also from the thorn apple.
The henbane, the sorrel, and the thistle, especially nourish them.
Recipes of love stimulants frequently contained such plants, especially henbane, mandrake, and in later times thorn apple.
Take two drams of each of henbane seeds, opium, gum-benzoin and galabum, one dram of pepper and one dram of fennel and apply onto the painful tooth.
Eliza apparently found foxglove, henbane, and jimson weed growing in Serena's pleasant little garden.
He prepared a boiled oil of hyoscyamus, or henbane, in the usual way, with common oil.

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