What is a fascicle?

What is a fascicle? Here are some definitions.

  1. A bundle or cluster.
  2. A bundle of skeletal muscle fibers surrounded by connective tissue.
  3. (botany) A cluster of flowers or leaves, such as the bundles of the thin leaves (or needles) of pines.
  4. (botany) A discrete bundle of vascular tissue.
  5. A discrete section of a book issued or published separately.
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Therefore if absolute certainty is required, a fascicle of triquetral leaves is best determined by actual count.
The cross-section of a cotyledon is, therefore, a triangle whose angles vary with the number composing the fascicle.
When the last fascicle was published in April 1928, it completed a ten-volume dictionary documenting over 400,000 words and phrases.
The trapezius may send a fascicle to the sternum and to the deltoid muscle.
The name Phacelia is from a Greek word signifying a fascicle, or bunch, and refers to the fascicled or clustered flower-racemes.
Another fascicle, usually arising behind the clavicular head of the sternocleidomastoid, may extend in various directions upwards toward the head.

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