What are drachmas?

What are drachmas? Here are some definitions.

  1. plural of drachma
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Instead of paying in pesetas, lire, drachmas, francs and marks, approximately 300 million Europeans are now using one common currency, the euro.
Five obols went to the drachma, and a hundred drachmas to the mina.
The basic unit of money was the drachma with a larger unit being the talent worth 6000 drachmas.
Buying euros with sterling will be no different to the way in which we used to buy francs, drachmas and lire.
While most of the people passing through that gate gave the man no more than a quick look of pity and a few drachmas, the apostles looked at him quite differently.
The 2001 prize includes 3 million drachmas plus a travel grant.

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