What is the meaning of the word disinfest?

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  1. (transitive) To eliminate insects, and vermin, and similar unwanted plagues of pests from.
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Our search continues for new, safe, and powerful ways to disinfest fields where these crops are planted.
Insecticide treatments disinfest nursery citrus of glassy-winged sharpshooter.
This project aims to develop alternative lettuce-friendly postharvest quarantine treatments based on vacuum and controlled atmospheres to disinfest lettuce of insects.
In studies, her group tried many combinations of temperature and incremental heating rates before settling on two optimal treatments to disinfest fruit.
The efficacy of the isolated phage to disinfest seed potato tubers artificially inoculated with a common scab-causing streptomycete was evaluated.
Entomologist Lisa G. Neven is providing practical, affordable techniques to packers to disinfest these premium fruits.

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