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What does cosmopolitism mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word cosmopolitism? Here's what it means.

  1. The condition or character of a cosmopolite; disregard of national or local peculiarities and prejudices.
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As early as the 1930s, cosmopolitism represented the smallest common denominator for the major exponents of this doctrine, whether they fled authoritarian regimes or came from the bourgeois upper class.
Arenys de Mar is a sea village that combines the traditional world of fishermen with the cosmopolitism of a shopping and leisure town of the Mediterranean coast.
These groups also contribute to the development of urbanity and cosmopolitism which provide an ideal background for Allende's narration of independent women protagonists.
Stoicism was cosmopolitism and Stoics thus considered themselves citizens of the world with no care for conventional laws, believing that humans thrived as part of rational humankind.
It is necessary to translate into politics the actual cosmopolitism, it is easy to say it but difficult to make it, because we are in the context of the serious international crisis, connected to terrorism.
These factor performances include hard and soft attributes, such as: innovative spirit, entrepreneurialism, economic image and trademarks, creativity, cosmopolitism and open-mindedness.

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