What does catadromous mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word catadromous? Here's what it means.

  1. (of a migratory fish) that lives in fresh water and breeds in the sea
  2. (botany) Of a fern in which the first veins in a frond segment are produced towards the base of the frond.
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Being catadromous, the eels's reproductivity success depends heavily on free downstream passage for spawning migration.
Catadromous like eels, bekti spend much of their lives in fresh water but lay their eggs in shallow ocean water and estuaries.
The fish are the only catadromous species in the Hudson's estuary.
Anguilla rostrata is a catadromous species that spawns in the Atlantic Ocean and ascends streams and rivers in North and South America.
Eel is a catadromous species that grows in freshwater and migrates back to the sea for spawning.
Anguillid eels are catadromous, meaning that maturing individuals spend most of their lives in estuaries or freshwater but migrate to the ocean to reproduce.

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