What does balance mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word balance? Here's what it means.

  1. (uncountable) a state in which opposing forces harmonise; equilibrium
  2. (uncountable) mental equilibrium; mental health; calmness, a state of remaining clear-headed and unperturbed
  3. something of equal weight used to provide equilibrium (literally or figuratively); counterweight
  4. a pair of scales
  5. (uncountable) awareness of both viewpoints or matters; neutrality; rationality; objectivity
  6. (uncountable) the overall result of conflicting forces, opinions etc.; the influence which ultimately "weighs" more than others
  7. (uncountable) apparent harmony in art (between differing colours, sounds, etc.)
  8. (accounting) a list accounting for the debits on one side, and for the credits on the other.
  9. (accounting) the result of such a procedure; the difference between credit and debit of an account.
  10. (watchmaking) a device used to regulate the speed of a watch, clock etc.
  11. (law) the remainder.
  12. (obsolete, astrology) Libra
  1. (transitive) To bring (items) to an equipoise, as the scales of a balance by adjusting the weights.
  2. (transitive, figuratively) To make (concepts) agree.
  3. (transitive) To hold (an object or objects) precariously; to support on a narrow base, so as to keep from falling.
  4. (transitive) To compare in relative force, importance, value, etc.; to estimate.
  5. (transitive, dancing) To move toward, and then back from, reciprocally.
  6. (nautical) To contract, as a sail, into a narrower compass.
  7. (transitive) To make the credits and debits of (an account) correspond.
  8. (intransitive) To be in equilibrium.
  9. (intransitive) To have matching credits and debits.
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