What does baccy mean?

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  1. (slang) Tobacco.
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Ooh, just like the book innit, except could we not stress the fact that yer actual hobbits were small but doughty warriors and not averse to a pipe of baccy after the battle.
He has probably bought the Guardian or smoked wacky baccy at some stage of his life anyway, and is therefore expendable.
I zipped it open, pulled out my pipe, matches and baccy, and commenced to stoke up and enjoy a good British moment.
They should spend a little less time smoking wacky baccy and listening to that tuneless rubbish called dance music, and rather more time being seen and not heard.
He stood there by the railin's a shavin' up a plug o' baccy to put in his pipe.
They will sit around smoking wacky baccy when they're supposed to be sweeping up litter or whatever.

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