What is an amphipod?

What is an amphipod? Here are some definitions.

  1. A member of taxonomic order Amphipoda of small, shrimp-like crustaceans.
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Roswell springsnail, Koster's tryonia and Pecos assiminea are small aquatic snails, while the Noel's amphipod is a freshwater shrimp.
Nelson suggested that the observed amphipod change was the result of predation by the pinfish Lagodon rhomboides.
The samples recovered were Scopelocherius schellenbergi, a species of lysianassoid amphipod that have so far only been found in ultradeep trenches in the Pacific.
Maury has described certain amphipod crustaceans which also inhabit the salp.
The remora Remora australis and occasionally the amphipod Cyamus balaenopterae can also be found on fin whales, both feeding on the skin.
The vents on Mount Dent also thronged with the new shrimp, along with a snake-like fish, an unknown species of snail and a flea-like crustacean called an amphipod.

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