What does Bantu mean?

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Proper noun
  1. The largest African language family of the Niger-Congo group, spoken in much of Sub-Saharan Africa.
  2. General term for African ethnic groups speaking a Bantu language and their members.
  3. (offensive) A black South African.
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The changing economic situation is creating growing conflict between Baka and Bantu.
Some Baka, seeing the money that the Bantu are earning from the bushmeat trade, are now hunting for profit, too.
Tone in Luganda is of cardinal phonemic importance, which is probably a general characteristic of most present-day Bantu languages.
Its vocabulary is mostly French, with a few Malagasy, Bantu, English, and Hindi words.
Kenya is a multilingual and multicultural nation, with 42 different languages spoken, including Bantu, Arabic, and Nilotic.
This instrument, the thumb piano, is the backbone of the musical culture of the Bantu Shona people.

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