What is the adjective for up?

What's the adjective for up? Here's the word you're looking for.

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb up which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts.

  1. Awake.
  2. Finished, to an end
  3. In a good mood.
  4. Willing; ready.
  5. Next in a sequence.
  6. Happening; new.
  7. Facing upwards; facing toward the top.
  8. Larger, greater in quantity.
  9. Standing.
  10. On a higher level.
  11. Available; made public.
  12. (postnominal) Said of the higher-ranking pair in a two pair.
  13. Well-informed; current.
  14. (computing) Functional; working.
  15. (of a railway line or train) Traveling towards a major terminus.
  16. Headed, or designated to go, upward, as an escalator, stairway, elevator etc.
  17. (bar tending) Chilled and strained into a stemmed glass.
  18. (slang) Erect.
  19. (of the Sun or Moon) Above the horizon, in the sky (i.e. during daytime or night-time)
  20. (slang, graffiti) well-known; renowned
  21. Synonyms:
    1. complete, familiar, up-to-date, terminated, well-informed, acquainted, through, down, knowledgeable, over, done, conversant, informed, concluded, abreast, ended, finished, completed, versed, elevated, escalated, increased, raised, high, heightened, au courant, active, optimistic, happy, awake, leading, winning, upbeat, cheery, cheerful, ahead, hopeful, positive, over with, jacked up, up and around, out of bed, up and doing, in the lead, up and about
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