What is the adjective for braggart?

What's the adjective for braggart? Here's the word you're looking for.

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb brag which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts.

  1. First-rate.
  2. (archaic) Brisk; full of spirits; boasting; pretentious; conceited.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. quality, excellent, reliable, valuable, worthy, good, amazing, awesome, certified, exceptional, beautiful, brilliant, desirable, divine, elegant, enviable, exclusive, exquisite, extraordinary, fantastic, glorious, illustrious, impressive, incredible, invaluable, magnificent, marvellous, outstanding, perfect, phenomenal, premium, sensational, spectacular, stunning, super, superb, superior, supreme, wonderful, accomplished, admirable, advanced, applaudable, attractive, blue-ribbon, bodacious, bosting, capital, choice, class, classic, commendable, crowning, deluxe, distinguished, dominant, dynamite, elite, eminent, estimable, exemplary, fabulous, famous, fancy, fantastical, fine, first-class, first-rate, frontline, grand, great, groovy, heavenly, high, hot, ideal, immense, incomparable, laudable, legit, lofty, lovely, marvelous, matchless, mega, meritorious, mint, neat, nifty, noble, notable, noted, outrageous, peerless, phat, piffing, praiseworthy, preeminent, pre-eminent, priceless, prime, primo, prizewinning, rare, refined, ripping, select, smashing, sovereign, special, splendid, stellar, sterling, striking, stupendous, sublime, superlative, supernal, swell, terrific, tiptop, top, top-level, topnotch, top-notch, transcendent, tremendous, unparalleled, unreal, unrivalled, unrivaled, unsurpassed, vintage, wicked, account, bang-up, banner, blue-chip, boffo, bonnie, bonny, boss, brave, brilliance, bully, bumper, cool, corking, crackerjack, cracking, craftsmanship, dandy, dope, down, expertise, fab, fantabulous, finish, first-string, five-star, flair, four-star, gangbuster, gangbusters, gilt-edge, gone, hype, incomparability, jim-dandy, keen, mastery, mean, number one, numero uno, par excellence, peachy, peachy keen, pre-eminence, prize, radical, refinement, skilfulness, skill, slick, supremacy, talent, tip-top, topflight, topping, transcendence, virtuosity, wizard, gilt-edged, high-class, high-grade, high-quality, of high quality, of the highest quality, of the highest standard, out-of-sight, really good, top-of-the-line, top-of-the-range, top-shelf, very good, world-class
  1. Exhibiting braggadocio; characterized by empty boasts.
  1. (nonstandard) Exhibiting or characteristic of hubris; boastful.
  1. Like a braggart; boastful.
  1. comparative form of brag: more brag
  2. Synonyms:
    1. excellenter, worthier, better, perfecter, superber, supremer, wonderfuller, choicer, eliter, fancier, finer, grander, greater, groovier, heavenlier, higher, hotter, immenser, loftier, lovelier, minter, neater, niftier, phatter, praiseworthier, splendider, sublimer, sweller, wickeder, braver, bullier, cooler, dandier, doper, fabber, keener, meaner, peachier, skiller, slicker, higher-quality, more quality, more reliable, more valuable, more amazing, more awesome, more exceptional, more beautiful, more brilliant, more desirable, more divine, more elegant, more enviable, more exclusive, more exquisite, more extraordinary, more fantastic, more glorious, more illustrious, more impressive, more incredible, more invaluable, more magnificent, more marvellous, more outstanding, more phenomenal, more sensational, more spectacular, more stunning, more accomplished, more admirable, more advanced, more applaudable, more attractive, more bodacious, more bosting, more classic, more commendable, more crowning, more deluxe, more distinguished, more dominant, more eminent, more estimable, more exemplary, more fabulous, more famous, more fantastical, more ideal, more incomparable, more laudable, more legit, more marvelous, more matchless, more meritorious, more noble, more notable, more noted, more outrageous, more peerless, more priceless, more prizewinning, more rare, more refined, more select, more smashing, more sovereign, more special, more stellar, more striking, more stupendous, more supernal, more terrific, more topnotch, more top-notch, more transcendent, more tremendous, more unparalleled, more unreal, more vintage, more bang-up, more blue-chip, more boffo, more bonnie, more bonny, more corking, more crackerjack, more fantabulous, more hype, more radical, more topping, more high-class, more world-class
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